Book Clubs

Pearl samples the goods.

Pearl samples the goods.

I love readers: They’re curious, open-hearted, smart, and engaged. And I love book clubs because they deepen the experience of reading as participants share insights, compare their reactions, and discover new perspectives.

I hope you’ll consider Three Ways to Disappear for your book club. If you’re interested, I’d be glad to drop by in person (if you happen to meet nearby) or by videochat. I’m also happy to answer a few emailed questions, if you like!

Below are a few discussion questions you might use to kick things off. There’s also a whole book club kit you can download. It includes photos I took on my trip to India, a map, Q&A, and further resources if you want to learn more about helping save wild tigers.

Thank you so much for reading my book. This novel has been a labor of love for me, and it means so much to have it out in the world, in the hands of readers like you. Thank you for giving it a home.

Discussion Questions

The novel is titled Three Ways to Disappear. What do you think are the three ways being referenced? Can you think of more?

This novel is filled with mothers, human and otherwise. Who are the mothers in this story, and how do they try to protect their children? Do they succeed or fail?

What does it mean to successfully raise the next generation, for humans? For wild animals? Is a successful life dependent on carrying on the bloodline? If so, what does that mean for characters who have no children?

Ranthambore National Park was set aside as a reserve for the protection of tigers and other species. Yet during the water crisis, villagers storm the park so their livestock can drink. What do you make of the conflict between the needs of local villagers and the needs of the tigers? What can be done to resolve their conflicting needs?

Do you think tigers in the wild can be saved from extinction? Why or why not? And what effect would their absence have on humans? On nature?

How are sisters Sarah and Quinn alike? How are they different? Which one do you relate to most?

Quinn wrestles with the question of what she believes happens after death. What does she conclude? What do you think of her conclusion?

What do you think happens to the main characters after the end of the book?